The customer wanted to improve the front landscaping entering their home. The neighbor was an exiting customer and highly recommended us to this homeowner. We de-weeded the exiting area and re-graded the soil prior to installing the new landscaping. The customer also brought to our attention the apron of the driveway. The customer did not like how the grass and weeds encroached on the driveway and wanted a more defined separator that also complimented the appearance and beauty of the home. Upon completion, the customer was amazed with the outcome of the flagstone sitting area. The previous landscaping was grass and weeds and now the customer has a beautiful flagstone area that hold the same bench and is also complimented by the neighboring much and flagstone apron. The before and after amazed the customer. Now the customer is much more excited to utilize the exact same area of the home now that it is much more beautiful and serene. We added a flagstone apron along the driveway that also compliments the flagstone seating area.