Customer was requesting a water feature that would enhance and beautify their back yard.  The Customer also requested that the water feature be large enough to emanate a beautiful waterfall sound that may be enjoyed from anywhere in the backyard.


During the planning phase, we use a hose to outline where the pond components will be placed in the yard.


With the customers approval, we outline where the final pond components will be installed in the yard.


We being to excavate the area that will be utilized for specific components of the water feature.  Ensuring that we obtain the correct tiers and depth for the pond and the optimum placement of the other pond components.


We install the underlayment before the installation of the 45 mil EPDM fish-safe liner.


After the liner has been properly installed, we then start rocking the pond.  We carefully optimize the rock placement by ensuing that different sized boulders and rocks are placed in such a manner to create a natural-looking effect.


Upon filling the pond, we inspect the entire perimeter of the water feature to ensure that all of the liner is completely hidden from sight.

Our last step is to start the waterfall and to make sure that all of the components are working properly.  We then educate the customer on a number of specific details and answer any questions that they may have, ensuring that they get the most out of their investment.  We will also go over when to use what water treatments, what the warranties are for the pond components, and the pond maintenance options that are available from Aerate-1.