We had the pond for many years and decide to make it into a pondless pond.We researched companies and liked the video’s we saw (youtube) of Hector’s work. On the first visit he talked with us about our desires and he suggested ways to implement our ideas.The pondless pond is lovely and waaay better then I envisioned…..Five Waterfalls and a meandering stream. He even added branches in the stream to give it a natural look.

Hectors crew was here everyday from 8:30 to 8 PM. It took 6 days to complete. Usually 2 or 3 men would work and they were pleasant and professional. The crew knew what they were doing in laying out the design and the artistry involved. They would spend time putting rocks in a certain pattern, stand back and look at what was done and then go back and move everything till it was the way they wanted it. The process was amazing. After the pondless pond was complete, I thought the main waterfall should be adjusted a little and called Hector. I left a message and before the day was done the men were here and adjusted the waterfall.I also liked the fact that Aerate 1 is a contractor for AquaScape Ponds which constructed our original pond.Aerate 1, Hector and his men get 4 stars for a job very well done.

Thank you