The crew showed up on time and were very cheerful and professional and got right to it. The whole process took 6 days with some rain days in there. Watching the whole process was fascinating. Hector Martinez of Aerate1 understood exactly what we wanted and could visualize it perfectly. We had all the ingredients for a beautiful waterfall and garden but needed the right person to pull it all together.

Existing plants were moved temporarily and all survived to be used to great affect. With stones we had and the stones they chose it is a perfect blend. Various artifacts and driftwood blend in beautifully. We have been adding plants for the last month and get no end of joy from this project.

This is the focal point of our property and has prompted other revisions. It is a work in progress.

I cannot tell you ( but I am) how peaceful it is to sit and listen to the waterfall . It is everything I thought it would be and more.

It is bigger and more impressive then I ever imagined.

Thank you, Hector